Hollywood and Vine ~ erupting with volcanic fireworks like fireflies ~ millions of them over and over again yes again and again yes again ~ ooooooooo ~ ohhhhhhhh ~ ahhhhhhhh ~ they bring the western and eastern worlds closer ~ the rockets red glare and the flying glow worms do ~ yes they do ~ gaze higher ~ higher now ~ higher ~ higher ~ higher ~ there ~ juvenile shooting stars from Orion’s belt race for first place ~ kids ~ what can you do ~ even angels with lots of time under their belts are hopping with excitement ~ this has been going on since you first arrived ~ this is the way I have been feeling for many years and many, many lifetimes ~ ever since I first fell into your eyes and then re-emerged a man more compassionate ~ I have been blessed by Fortuna to have walked the landscape of your most beautiful face ~ you know I know you have performed many miracles ~ I am one miracle of yours ~ some fools have all the luck ~ so tell me ~ are you a saint or just an angel of the highest order ~ talk to the animals for me ~ tell them I am here ~ I am very fine and doing well and I am coming ~ it may take a while but I’ll be there ~ heaven is lucky to have you and heaven knows it.

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On a night such as this in a land far away came the Raven ~ joyously surfing the warm winds of night, a breathtaking sight, such effortless might mocking gently the dusk with her spellbinding flight. A luminous bird with jet black bright eyes, it was truth in her passion which seared holes in the sky. She held close to her heart a message which bore, “I am Raven of Faith, I’m a great beast in haste, I’m the very same bird of your ancestor’s lore.” Knowing nothing of fear, our entire town cheered. We silenced our trembling so each one could hear. She circled our village with precision and glee. There were moments I felt she looked right into me. Although it was night the sky remained bright; a thrilling, astonishing, brilliant white light. She finally descended our ancient oak tree. We circled around her, my people and me, making certain & sure all our babies could see. “Come hither, dear friends. It’s been such a long time. My heart is near bursting to give you God’s rhyme. His word is His promise and now is the time.” As she started to speak our knees became weak. Some of us fainted, a few of us shook while most of our babies just giggled and looked. ~ Our loving Creator expressing His mind had fashioned your souls at the beginning of time. An infinite number of worlds came to be, much like the proverbial flowering tree. He gave each soul free will which you all possess still, so thanks for embracing me here on this hill. Now turn your gaze high, toward the sky, the words written there will make your hearts sigh. ~  “My treasure, my children, you are all dear to me. Everyone’s here I am happy to see. First may I say how proud you’ve made me? You’re Divine Mind proof of just how great love can be.  While other worlds plundered my great gifts of wealth, you consistently used them with wisdom in health. You have never waged war. You have never kept score. You give all your heart and when asked you give more. You have treated this land with the utmost respect. You have never shown hate or callous neglect. You have never preached lies or righteous division. You use all of my love in every decision. While others defamed you, you sincerely forgave, so all of your souls I will assuredly save. Know without doubt, we’ll never part. Forever we live with the same beating heart.” ~ Then there was silence as our hearts filled with bliss. It was a magical moment not to be missed as we savored the warmth of our sweet Savior’s kiss, when the Raven did come on a night such as this.