Hollywood and Vine ~ erupting with volcanic fireworks like fireflies ~ millions of them over and over again yes again and again yes again ~ ooooooooo ~ ohhhhhhhh ~ ahhhhhhhh ~ they bring the western and eastern worlds closer ~ the rockets red glare and the flying glow worms do ~ yes they do ~ gaze higher ~ higher now ~ higher ~ higher ~ higher ~ there ~ juvenile shooting stars from Orion’s belt race for first place ~ kids ~ what can you do ~ even angels with lots of time under their belts are hopping with excitement ~ this has been going on since you first arrived ~ this is the way I have been feeling for many years and many, many lifetimes ~ ever since I first fell into your eyes and then re-emerged a man more compassionate ~ I have been blessed by Fortuna to have walked the landscape of your most beautiful face ~ you know I know you have performed many miracles ~ I am one miracle of yours ~ some fools have all the luck ~ so tell me ~ are you a saint or just an angel of the highest order ~ talk to the animals for me ~ tell them I am here ~ I am very fine and doing well and I am coming ~ it may take a while but I’ll be there ~ heaven is lucky to have you and heaven knows it.

alex fff.gif

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