I sang with an owl once. I nicknamed her, Laughing Owl, because I sang so far off key, she simply laughed and laughed
and laughed in between the notes of her perfectly pitched song. I could have died. After singing with that owl, I could have
died and left this place content for eternity, perhaps even longer.


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  1. i was here earlier and meant to leave a little note then but somehow got distracted – in any event, first of all – laurie anderson! and then, the thing of the owl – a great totem – and of birds in general…it is especially interesting to find your post here today as most of the day from my desk in front of open windows, i heard a single bird chirping – it was different from any i’d heard before – and extremely loud – i even walked over to the window several times to try to spot the bird in the thick trees out the window but to no avail – it continued several hours and i sat and listened to its beautiful melody – then i came here to your story of singing with an owl! very neat post, sir!


    1. That is a wonderful story, thank you, Jenean. I listen and look at all times for what totems may express themselves. I am always delighted by the wisdom of our ancients.


    1. You remind me of something Meryl Streep said, about speaking your words with complete authority no matter how unsure you are. They will always believe you. lol


        1. I would like to hear some of you recordings. I have one so far, no, two, but the second doesn’t count because I was so stoned at the time. I cannot get around to recording more. I was once in a recording studio, but I was kicked out for making strange noises. 🙂


          1. I have a CD: Touching Angels which is based on my book: The Coming Of The Feminine Christ! A few of my tracks are on Soundcloud. Sorry you were kicked out…they’re very touchy in recording studios.


    1. Oh yes, she is mine also, although I believe the red-tail hawk is a very powerful totem for me, and for such a long time. Everywhere I go, there they are. I will share one day some photos I have of owls that are mind blowing. Thank you.


  2. Some birds are unforgettable.

    For me, it’s the phoenix.

    I have met a few phoenixes in my day and all of them touched my soul.

    Angry birds is just one side of the story. For the real story, remember…

    angels have wings.

    If you want wings,

    just look at your left and right Record Angels

    close your eyes




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