This review is from: Seven Days Of Ashes (Kindle Edition) written by Scott Utley
Prepare to board a supersonic carpet ride into another dimension which knows no limits & is therefore, timeless. Is it luck or divine intervention that we hold these words of ALAN PATRICK TRAYNOR’S bleeding, blue heart in our startled hands at this time & in this place? We are indeed fortunate to be so richly blessed to discover this man’s words, which until now were hidden away as priceless gems; precious words now gifted onto us all.
Hidden away no longer, the world prepares to give this gifted wordsmith a standing ovation. His astonishing insight into the language of love & pain is uniquely appropriate to expressing the mind bending, heart stopping, soul searching images of a sorrow too harsh to name face to face, as is the unfathomable pathos we find here within SEVEN DAYS OF ASHES. Nothing less than greatness itself is required to illuminate the silhouettes of the lost lovers of humanity which gives lift to the wings of longing of history’s most hallowed & immortal souls.
In his first published collection of poems, Mr. Traynor gently triumphs freedom’s martyrs with his sagacious dissection of unspeakable & brutal madness on the one hand & the unmistakable crystalline harmony of a suspected, now confirmed, divine mind, whose own longing is justice personified. Such gifts are at our fingertips in this moment with this gorgeous collection (if I may use that incongruous word, gorgeous) of poems from the heart of an every-man; a peasant poet. In this collection, we have one more warrior standing sentinel over the gates to fading memory.
Alan Patrick Traynor is a writer who surely sees the world from the rarefied perspective of a witness unencumbered by any ‘notion’ of the day. For such a stellar realization such as we have here in one man’s simple words, nothing less is required & nothing less is delivered.
I suggest you prepare a light meal with a glass of Chardonnay, or a holy tea from the roots of China & gently enter Mr. Traynor’s sanctified of truths exposed under the light of his unforgiving scrutiny. Insanely vicious fates must find their place to that temple on the hill. It is only fitting. It is the least the gods and man can do. Visit the outer limits of a brutal beauty never seen before and with god’s mercy, an incomprehensible insanity of inhumanity which shall never, ever repeat itself.
Say a toast to the promised land & to the keepers of the flame whomever they are & wherever they roam. Celebrate the coming of the light for all souls persecuted on every land & at every moment in history. Most urgently, pray for those who are bound by the tyranny of those who are fearful of the light. In this moment~at this time~love for humanity needs speak the words that shall free us all. We stand together here & now… and listen… and so it is.


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  1. djazzologist says:

    Such an honour to be here on the brilliant maestro’s page! I’m swimming in a sea of brilliance! 🙂

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    1. NUCLEARMIND says:

      The honor is mine.

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