Martin – Allo – Yes and yes – got the tea and Alex
got the DVD’s – that was
so nice of you – haven’t tried either one yet – I
finally went to the doctor
and got antibiotics – seems I had an upper
respiratory infection for weeks
and weeks and all I needed was an anti-biotic –
knocked it right out.

We have been in a vicious heat wave – looks like it
breaks tomorrow – it was
so hot I just stayed in Alex’s place with the air
conditioner while Alex has
been in San Francisco. He went up early last Thurs
for a meeting with Wild
Brain which takes place tomorrow. Tue.

I haven’t even looked at e-mail this past week – now
that I am means I am
getting better and the heat is breaking – I hate the
heat! That’s really all
that’s going on right now.


The courts keep hounding me for jury duty – I don’t
think they will bother
me much after I told them I thought the judiciary
was institutionalized class
warfare and racism; the supreme court is Hitler and
everyone in law
enforcement and the courts are the gestapo. Plus
they ask you to swear on a bible
under oath and that is unconstitutional; clearly an
infringement against
separation of church and state. I told them to get
it all sorted out then call me
and that if I were on a jury, I would have to vote
not guilty no matter what was
before me since I cannot trust the police to be
truthful about anything.

I know I am on a list somewhere, probably a few,
probably so many that they
are all confused since I support and condemn
everything and everyone simply
on my whims. The US is barbaric and a revolution is
brewing. I want to be
Benedict Arnold. What thinkest thou?

And that’s the way it is: Los Angeles Monday 22 June

Love Scott

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