I must be mental like they say I am. They are absolutely out of their minds so I don’t put too much stock into their views. To me their opinions are as relevant & as chock full of truth as Richard Nixon; egocentric, self-serving-wrong will-strong willed absolute thieves & killers of love & life & just who are they anyway? (This is how I wake up each morning.)

I have forgot what it was I was I was here to say. It should come back to me at some point today so continue to wait with bated breath while I finish smoking this cigarette in one hand, sip a cup of coffee in the other as I finish off the pizzas (two)  I bought last night to share with BINGO II … (I am flummoxed as to why he is gaining so much weight.).

Tick tock tick tock tick tock tock tock tock tock … tick … tock … I have ticks? Was I speaking about ticks? Bed bugs? No, I remember. Yes. I saw a headline online-or rather I was hijacked again by miniature microchip soulless militia inside one of my many mostly non-functioning Toshiba boob-toob computers to hell … ? …. I don’t know either. Google it. Dear Jesus Christ, please help me complete a sentence? I’ll be your best friend.

I saw a headline online about some new book. Below is the captioned photo I swiped from the article about yet another new book. They are a dime a dozen these days. I think to myself in an absolute, complete fog (I always wake up in a fog.), “The author of this article I am reading has a real knack for the obvious.” OF COURSE WE HAVE TO LIVE WITHIN PLANETARY BOUNDARIES! Is there another option? What? What’s that you say? I can’t hear you. I can’t hear you! Gimme. Gimme. Gimme my COFFEE!


That’s my hat. That’s my cigarette. That’s my lighter & that is my hand. That’s my coffee. Buddha is such a mooch sometimes but we get along just fine. Coffee? Did someone mention coffee? What happened to my coffee? Where is my coffee? Damn! I have to get up & start another. This is a fine way to start another relentlessly fabulous day in LA.

Let me step out into my office right this moment to snap a picture of what it’s like here at this time in this moment. Miserable, huh? You will agree how relentless this all is. I am certain. You will, won’t you? I will be right back. But first … coffee? Must I rise like the Phoenix to fetch a pail of coffee? I suppose I can take that picture too. I may as well kill two birds with one stone. There is more than one way to skin a cat.

Why would anyone want to stone birds or skin cats? This is a mixed up world sometimes. I shall rise now. This may sound easy to you but it is a chore for me. I have to stand up & move. I am not happy about this. I’ll be back soon if I can do this. If you notice that I have not returned & I am gone forever remember me well as the guy who simply wanted a pail of coffee but nobody was there to serve him. It’s your fault if I die.



So you see what I mean? Relentless. Relentless. Relentless. There is no thunder. Although I do notice a piece of evidence that ALEX JOHNS did indeed do most of the preliminary work when he first started to produce the film  WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE. That is curious indeed. I wonder he received no credit. I suppose you can’t get away with anything no matter whether you believe that or not. One will, without doubt, reap what one sows come hell or high water. That should make some of you happy & some of you horrified. It makes me laugh.

AlEX cropped

ALEX JOHNS 1966-2010. ROSEVILLE, CALIFORNIA~CEDAR SINAI, LA, CALIFORNIA. ALEX did quit production & the whole thing was shut down for 8 months while someone somewhere up on Castle Mountain decided what to do. I guess, well, I don’t guess, I know that ALEX JOHNS could not stand that arrogant psycho-pathetic producer he was working with. He did not care for the SOB at all. Lucky for that fella I forget his name. Relentless. Relentless. No lightning. No rain. Even a plethora of earthquakes we receive each day leave nothing to remind us they were here. NOTHING! One day perhaps, but lately, NOTHING! It is simply … relentless. Look at this place. You call this an office?

11 11 asouxyfoquwyfs

It’s a shame. What’s a shame? It is. It is also the reason why if I ever win a ridiculously high amount of US cash in the California State Lottery you should not bother yourself by asking me for anything. That is if you can find me which is quite unlikely. That is … if … [‘if’ is the operative word here] … if I were ever to win so much cold hard US legal tender ‘solid as the vault at Fort Knox Kentucky’ cash, I would become a miser just to piss you off. I’m just saying if. Just sayin is all I’m doing  or is fantasy out of the question too? That’s your question to answer, not mine. I already know the answer. Everything created by man & woman is a seed of fantasy at the germinating point. This I know. I believe this to be true. So I keep dreaming.


If  I were to be wealthy beyond measure I would leave it all to this thing in the photo below. What is it? It popped up in my garden one day & never left. I called in the National Guard thinking the earth was being taken over by medium sized mammals. I had forgot that the national Guard is off on Mondays. I assumed it was a mammal because it has genitals, or it did at one point. That too is a mystery to me. Everything is. I did not even get a call back from the Guard. I think they don’t like me. So this creature spends its entire day making me laugh by imitating people we find irritating or boring & innocuous or people we are love with. In other words, we are very busy all day.  Everyday is a non stop laugh-a-thon. I call him BINGO but he answers to BAGEL. He looks like a BEAGLE named BAGEL but please call him BINGO.

BINGO II by SCOTT UTLEY 4 4 2-16 LA CA US of A 1111 AM

In conclusion: I am going to rise up now & pour another cup of coffee. It is a laborious process of getting the exact amount of sugar & cream to my coffee (ratio and other mathematical terms are required here ). If I am off by even one iota of a nano-molecule one way or the other or the other way altogether then I would die because that is not the way mornings are supposed to start & there are no second chances anymore. Please don’t feel guilty although it would be totally your fault. Say a prayer. I am rising. Please hold …


“Three hikers appear as tiny silhouettes against the backdrop of an Icelandic glacier on the cover of Big World, Small Planet. The book takes the view that our growing human population can live sustainably on planet Earth, provided that we live within key planetary boundaries.”

ice .land ROCKSTROM-Iceland

 *Although Scott was never seen again and his disappearance is a mystery for the ages, (only G-d knows for sure and she is not talking) we still believe in Xanadu and one day, G-d willing, Scott shall return just as bright eyed, talented, beautiful, humble & bushy tailed as ever. One can only speak of hope. And so it is. Amen! EDITOR at LARGE: THE HUFFINGTON POST: April 4, 2016 WASHINGTON D.C., US of A. MS. *MARY BAKER EDDY.


Mary Baker Eddy (July 16, 1821 – December 3, 1910) was the founder of Christian Science, a new religious movement, in the United States in the latter half of the 19th century.

Eddy wrote the movement’s textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures (first published 1875), and in 1879 founded the Church of Christ, Scientist. She also founded the Christian Science Publishing Society (1898), which continues to publish a number of periodicals, including The Christian Science Monitor (founded in 1908).

What I must remember & you must never forget, this world will go on with or without you. Here is JACKIE EVANCHO singing home the point.






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