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I am Christian because I know Jesus. He knows me. I am most definitely Muslim. I am Jewish by proxy, Catholic, Wiccan & Siek. I am Muslim.  I’m proud of my pride. I love souls who strive to become one with all, who love knowledge and share it. I do not care much for nations who are not able to sue for peace. I have never met a nation who loves war whom is not a failed state at an abysmal core all along its watchtower. If you are a leader of men and women who are living in an anxious future, never knowing happiness or peace, then you are the wind without wings behind this failure. I once heard a professor of mine say people,  nations, get the government they deserve. I thought that was true. I fear I still think it is so. 

The only religious instruction I received as a boy was meeting up with my great pal, Darius. God blesses him. My eternal gratitude is always at his feet. Darius’s mother was a slight Irish-American woman who married a tall, beautiful man from Persia (or Iran as that land is now called). Darius’s father was hardly ever in the picture. I am certain I met him only once or twice, then I never again.I suppose I will never know the entire story of what was obviously an ironic & paradoxical match, much like the match between a poor deep south Delta Mississippi orphaned man and a woman born and bred in Hell’s kitchen, NYC. Such were my parents. That man too, I hardly knew. I am thankful that my mother had the balls to leave him when she did. I was only five and my baby sister was two. But my older brothers, three of them, now all gone from this earth and my eldest sister, who was also in that first wave of children, suffered immense pain because a soldier who wields a rifle for his country from WW II to KOREA & VIETNAM with great honor does not necessarily make a good father. Be armed and forewarned.


Darius went to Muslim school. That is what he called it. I would follow him from time to time. On rare occasions he would relate to me some of what he had learned. It was much like pulling teeth but I was a trooper who never gave up just as I am today. I learned about the poetry of the KORAN. I learned that Muhammad was a friend of Jesus. They in turn shared Buddha, Krishna, my Momma, Confucius, Louise Hay,and all their other friends with each other, with all the world just because that’s the kind of sons & daughters they are. No  elitism there, here or anywhere. I have always held in deep reference the holy words of inspired scripture, even if I am an amorphous eroticist knower of Divine Mind. I have had the direct experience. It is so simple that way. To achieve it, you must be it.


In my early years as an emancipated minor I studied & graduated from Laguna Beach High School. There was a professor there who taught us who was a Rabbi. From him I learned that every land has its own wisdom. From him I learned that there is so much to learn and even more we shall never know. He made quite an impression on my heart & those kinds of stains are like blood, ruby red and never coming out & isn’t it a beautiful world? Mary & Buddha are great friends of mine. He is always smiling whether it rains tears of blood or the sky goes on in a cobalt blue hue forever and ever. I dress him up sometimes in drag. I snap photos of my mad creations then I make digital art out of them. He doesn’t mind at all. He is happy to be of service regardless my whimsy. Mary just laughs and laughs as if that is her birthright, and so it is.


I know another god who lives secretly out in the open. This one is everywhere and in everything. I can’t say enough about how beautiful this god is … who can be still & see & hear & know silence as it thunders through the cosmos & not marvel in wonder? ~ I wish for you to understand that there is nothing that separates us from each other but illusion. I wish for you to know that all life is sacred. There is much that cannot be explained in our language but that is not a prerequisite to entering the door of our birthright. The sages say that birthright is to know joy forever. We may face trials that will truly push us to our limits and sometimes over the rainbow and into a void of nothingness, but in a strange yet wonderful land called truth & faith & love there is a place at the table for you & me. There is no division. There are no arguments at all. There is only a sense of pure joy. That you know this to be true is my wish for you.


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    1. April, it wrote itself – what can I say but you are in and all about it. Thank you so much. To me, of course, it is the very core… the very essence of what our creator meant when she shouted out to the abyss of nothingness, “Let there be light, and then there was light.”

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