Adeife Adebiyi is one of only a few modern-day writers I enjoy reading. Most of the extra-celestial moments I take home into a secret space I keep on the other side of my mind, I usually reserve for reading the more ancient writers. It is the work they created which helps me to understand how it is, why it was & whom they were, who brought all of us here today.

Be here now is my distilled interpretation of much of what the great minds of yesterday want us to be. Adeife shows through example how to do it. By doing so, her voice reveals a hopeful pathway into our future. That sort of crucial inspiration is essential to the thrust of our evolution. Standing ovations are hard to come by, but when they come, they are instinctively effortless. Stand up, let’s dance.

There is an anonymous choir unanimous in their song. They sing that to truly be alive, we must be here now. This is the moment we choose to create the world we say we want, now. Yet to be here now, we must quest-fully seek that directional strength, that pathway in order to surrender our shells of ignorant, rigid identification in the sacrificial works of those who were being there then, through their legacy.

I get a bit dizzy too. I feel like a hamster on a spinning wheel in a cage too small without any ally to calm my fearful heart. All I’ve ever been aware of is some fear mongering giant who, if he deigns to be present, intentionally forgets I need fresh water, food & air. Adeife is such a source of revitalization for me. Anybody who can affect positive energy into a world of chaos, and by doing so, mend a universal fractured heart, is somebody to look forward with.

Part of me knows I can’t do anything on my own of my own if I don’t know who I am or where I come from. It’s a game of catch up. There is so much yet left to learn.

Balance~Equilibrium~Moderation~Focus with priority; these are the keywords to this time in our lives at this place in our cosmos. They are benchmarks to guide us all, you, you, you & I.

Adeife is a modern-day prophet, a god-shot with her soul holding a stop watch. Whenever I feel like slipping into the future, Adeife is a reliable place to find the remembrance of reasons we are here. She is a great thinker thinking out of the proverbial “box”. Social media platforms are radically tugging humanity’s evolution into its destiny at such rapid pace, We are standing on a precarious ledge which promises great power ~  to either be deformed by our destiny or hasten our ascension that much closer,& faster to the face some call god.

I’m not a disciple of any one god-head. I am neo-religious. I’m attracted to all the many sons & daughters who have elevated their consciousness by mystically re calibrating their own personal frequencies. Jesus figures prominently in Adeife’s current work. I know there are multitudes, legions even, of people who are turned off immediately by new world evangelists. I also know that there are terrorists behind the veils of radical fundamentalism. In brief, some say, “Come and see”, and then we come to see but before we step into their promised land, they shut the door in our face. The end result has always been the same. Regardless the source of their inspiration, whomever they claim is the god they own by proxy, their only agenda is keeping you separated from the source of all power.

If one could ask them, anyone one of them, who are you, really? Why are you a gloomy & dreary cloud burst on an otherwise brilliant blue sky? I wager that speechless would be followed  by silence.  It is a moot point and a question never to be needed asked. We already know the answer. Wiser men and wiser woman then I agree that whatever else it is that motivates a manipulative mind by crafty marginalization of the three innocents,  beasts and the children and woman of different colored attributes is always based in fear and fear is the foundation of all empires that as sure as I will smile when I rise, there is no gentle, loving pathway to surrender based in fear expressed by marginalization & lies.

The ones who are most vocal about their devotion rights to choose who can have a seat at their table, are always the ones most separated from their creator. So you run away like the devil. They have succeeded in keeping Jesus, Muhammad, Mary, & every other great master from informing you with their joyous salvation. It is great folly to follow the teachings of fools when the original teacher has always been right at your side whispering truths constantly in hope you will finally hear. Adeife’s faith is a powerful force. She gives nourishment to the belly of the beast. She is worth a shot.

I just stopped to say hello to Adeifi  of Lagos, but I remained awhile to write this testimonial. If I were a wiser man, I would have also spoke of Adeife’s broader work on social injustice all over her land. These pieces are extraordinarily crafted with a voice I have never heard before. It is baffling to believe she is just now beginning to achieve a wider global audience which she justifiably deserves.

She is one of the children with Indigo eyes. She is right on the money exactly on time, and as for the blue skies above promising the dawning of a virtue called hope, marvel with me  the as we witness ivory-white clouds  morph into our creator’s trumpets. Listen to the music of them heralding the arrival of heaven on earth for all of gods creations. This heaven is paradise and has never been anywhere else but right here patiently awaiting your knock & your question.Now you know. Knock on the door of knowledge and ask your question. All there is before you is yours for evermore if you will but only ask. Simple are the best things in life.  It is the simple things in life that matter most.


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