I tossed and turned throughout the night,
something amiss, not quite right.
Thunder rolled across black skies,
lightning struck shut both my eyes.
My bed lay shattered upon shards of glass.
Clouds swirled by like comets, fast.
I wondered if this night would pass.
I prayed to God this would not last.
Take me away, 
my soul please spare this doubt,
this pain, this noise I hear.
This heavy night I cannot bear.
What I can’t see is what I fear.
When sunrise creeps into the day,
what in the world will loved ones say?
Well morning came, morning went,
my body wracked, my spirit spent.
The day turned into early eve
while deep within my dreams did weave.
Finally, my conscious broke
into a world where flowers spoke.
The life I’d known was all but gone.
Rocks and trees sang sweet love songs.
I looked around for someone to share
this miracle I swear I hear,
someone to see the Robin’s egg
jump up and dance upon the chair,
someone to play that old guitar
driving by in his yellow car.
I realized then, it’s just me,
alone again, just me who sees.
I wiped the sweat clean from my brow.
Who would believe me, anyhow?

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