October Sixteenth 1965  ~ October Eleventh 1995

Here Lies Interred the body of Mitchell Ray Walden

Who Suddenly Departed This World 

On The Eleventh Day of October Anno Domini

Nineteen Hundred And Ninety Five 

In The Twenty-Ninth Year of His Age

mitch kgi



Just a boy

He is just a kid

The most bedazzling spirit I have ever known

Riding the wave of a new generation



He says

He says to no one in particular

Make me famous if you can


So naive and vunerable

Revealing doubts courageously

Touching my heart with his wounded palm

The one that scarred from a rusty nail


Make me famous if you can

I need to know my life has meaning

I need to know my love is real

Will you still love me when I am gone?


I pressed my lips upon his brow

He smiled that smile we all adore

I  wished him a safe passing,



I said 

I said to Mitch

I promise you

I swear to god I will



Just wait

Just wait I said just wait

Just wait  & see what I shall do

To make your memory lasting