This incredible Face Book journey has been more of a virtual diary for all of us than anything else. In the grand scheme of things, the future, and there will be a future, will look upon us as trailblazers who either lived up to the promise of our great humanity or did not. Thus far, we are utter failures. We have learned a great deal but we have yet to open our eyes wide and apply the truths we know in our heart are there and must see their light shine or wither away. If you believe you of your own self can do nothing, or if you lack empathy, compassion, or if you are silent in the face of brutality then you will suffer that fate yourself. This is the truth of the world and is proven over and over again, To allow your government to indiscriminately kill babies and others with or without impunity is a slap to the face of god. Is that going to be your legacy?

Our counter intuitive support of rogue nations who are wrapped in the cloak of an absurd righteousness, or just happen to be in the spot on the beach you like the best, is bullshit and evil, if there is such a thing as evil… you are it. You allow your government to support and prop up other nations who are committing crimes against humanity just as they declared they were the objects of. Will they, will you ever learn your lessons? You say never again and then do it again. Time is running out.

That is just not right. The odious, Dantesque penchant currently the rage, the marginalization of immigrants, the demonization of the Muslim faith and it’s adherents tells the universe you really are in deep trouble. Not because you are as ignorant as any of your predecessors (for which there is no defense nor escape from the price you will most assuredly pay), but because nobody anywhere gets away with anything despite what geniuses say about that issue or any other where you simply defame your creator’s intention; the glorification of the goodness of being. THIS MUST CEASE. If it does not, we cease. Is that your legacy? I do not believe so. I remember: SILENCE EQUALS DEATH. SILENCE=DEATH. If you understand only one thing in your brief, fleeting, so very eternal life, understand this: ALL LIFE IS SACRED.

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