big sur

I see a river of flames pouring through the sky of my mind. I witness Star Pine Marionettes in deep green silhouettes making love to the powder blue canvass of dusk. I see a clusters of Bumble Bee Palms milking honey from thin air and smiles everywhere.

In this silence that is our universe unfolding I hear a voice from deep within my inner knowing.  “Brother Jesus is a diamond polished by the sea. He is this sunrise bleeding reds & blues into the day. Buddha is a butterfly. His fluttering wings are a soothing balm for our flaming hearts. Yogananda is a sacred pearl shimmering black & glittering blue. His is a simple beauty composed of pure grace lacking nothing but kindness for you & I. Muhammad is a desert wind shifting shapeless upon the landscape of our souls. He is nothing at all yet everything there is. Confucius is the rain. He nourishes the very clouds we walk on. Yahweh is a songbird singing good morning to the day. Mary is our mother. It is her breast milk which gives us life.”

I shudder. I feel the heat of the breath of our loving creator; our mother divine cleansing our hearts with most compassionate love every moment of every day. We believe her when she holds us in her loving arms & tells us we are all diamonds polished by the sea … every day in every way. I am bliss.




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