It’s just an idea. It’s not the end of the world. Think about it. No worries. No limits. No boundaries. We don’t have to talk at all to tell each other what we know. You can do those tricks you love to do. The ones that make me scream out loud are the very same ones that make you laugh so hard (you sadistic fuck). I don’t mind. I love it. Do it again. I’m not nearly as young as I feel. The other night when you jumped from the bushes, I freaked. You laughed. I laughed too. It was funny. I could of had a heart attack. I could die, just like that. You are not going to be the death of me, yet if you were, that’s the way I’d love to go.

I want you near me. Not all the time, not at all. Sometimes. If it’s too hard on you I won’t stick around. I wouldn’t do that. If it’s tough on you, it’s tough on me too. I bet you can handle it. I wouldn’t be here if I thought you couldn’t. I have lots of faith in you not misplaced.

I am allergic to heat. I will travel to the other side of the world just to escape it. I don’t like the chill either. When cold winds blow too cold for comfort, I follow the sun. To be able to do what ever it is I wish to, is a miracle. You’re a miracle. That is true. I see myself in me through you. If you open your eyes I bet you’ll be surprised to see yourself in me through you too. I never thought I would ever see another star as bright as you. This is also true.

Throw caution to the wind. She knows what to do with it. Follow me. It will be lots of fun playing under the desert sun. Then, as dusk turns crimson, the rising moon will extend an olive branch. How do I know? She told me so.

It is a great honor for us. You’ll see. Bedazzled & grateful, we shall graciously accept. Over the oceanic river of our ineffable mind, a starry domed astrolabe will sparkle ovations. You have never seen anything like it. I promise you. Shooting stars from inner space circle thrice, then take their dive kissing heaven on the other side. We’ll watch holy coyotes yelping shouts, throw cactus darts at cunning hares. Its life being lived without dark imaginings. It is life. This is Living. This is life. 

Then there’s the kit fox. The last time I was there, it was a full moon past midnight. Silence & solitude with no one anywhere in sight. The fox trots ahead of my car then stops to stare at me with that smile. Come this way, she was beckoning me. I was enchanted.

Along the way she searched for specks of gold. By God, she found plenty, too. Her mischievous smile awfully bold for such a tiny thing. She seemed nothing at all but her luminous smile & two of the biggest ears you will ever see. She tripped me out. You’ll trip out too, I promise you. I promise, you won’t be scared {as I am now}. I promise you. If you are very, very good & follow your heart’s desire, maybe, just maybe, I’ll run away with you. I can’t promise you tomorrow, but I can promise you that.



Time is priceless, I hold yours to be just as valuable as I hold mine. I appreciate your input.

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