A true iconoclast, tailor made for the global population & not just the spiritual elites. No sarcasm here, for that is a beautiful place to be, but if it matters the quality of the message, well, here we are, again, at the right place. If it matters the quantity of souls illuminating our creator’s skies (the more the merrier), well, we have a powerful force of nature in the voice of our dear, beloved, Ma Shivamayi Acharya. She reminds me of Stella Adler, a great American acting coach, who said that on the stage, “You must be bigger than life. There is nothing small, insignificant, wrong or fractured about this life. Life is short but terribly eternal.” Life is short but terribly eternal. These are such powerful words.
Oh! Oooo! Oh! Oooo! Oooo! Oh, Ma Shivamayi Acharya, I know the answer to this one, may I please?
First, a Guru goes into a restaurant usually by her feet, including, but not limited to wheels, wings, fairy, spryte, or pixie magic, etc,
Next, I look at my life, my spirit, my body, my mind, as I soar to a place above all of this which I claim as mine (I know that I do this. It is so very easy to do), and I feel that which I am, and I see my life without Ma Shivamayi Acharya, which is a detachment of being here now, and I know, I do not believe, but I KNOW that Ma Shivamayi Acharya is the real deal, for I have been here before. I trust my inner knowing to tell me truth. Truth has a sound that pierces the air.
The truth is, I have made leaps & bounds into a calmer understanding of our humanity; therefore, a truer appreciation for myself, which is illumination; a happiness without expectations, once I began listening to Ma Shivamayi Acharya. Not just here and now, but earlier too, in this life when I knew Ma Shivamayi Acharya before her transcendental transformation, she had me smiling & laughing then also (and far beyond this singular life). Laughter is how I separate the wheat from the chaff. I question everything all the time, except when I don’t.
Yes, I have a penchant for rambling, I am a ramblin man, but I always strive to ramble in the same direction as the spiral of it all prefers to spiral. “I sing the body electric.”

Time is priceless, I hold yours to be just as valuable as I hold mine. I appreciate your input.

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