Hollywood Boulevard & Vine Street erupts with volcanic fireworks like fireflies; over & over, again & again,ooo, ahh, ooh. They bring the western & eastern worlds closer. The rockets red glare, the blue dragonflies, the flying glow-worms bring us together again. Gaze high, higher now, higher … there! Juvenile shooting stars from Orion’s belt jet-race for first place. Kids, what can you do? Even angels with  countless flight time on their wings are mad-hopping like grasshoppers in a late spring rain. This has been going on since your arrival. This is the way I have been feeling for years, many lifetimes, ever since I first fell into your eyes then reemerged a man more compassionate. I have been blessed by Fortuna to have walked the landscape of your beautiful face. You have performed many miracles, I’m one of them. Some fools have all the luck. Speak with the animals for me. Tell them I’m still here. I’m doing well, I’m hanging in, hanging on … & I’m coming home first chance I get. I live for that moment. May take a while but I’ll be there. Heaven is lucky to have you. Heaven knows it.

Time is priceless, I hold yours to be just as valuable as I hold mine. I appreciate your input.

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