You are not alone. We all live in spaces of sadness for one reason or another at different transitions in our lives. Rather than run, I embrace my heart regardless how it feels. I cannot escape anyway. I know deep inside it has always been perfect from the start.

We each have our own journey to travel. Some parts of this journey cannot be shared. Some things will never be spoken of, for they are ineffable phenomena rooted in the spiral of life.

We do not need to explain everything or anything to anyone, including ourselves.

You know as well as I, it is easy not to check ourselves as we think our mind. If we were to pause and listen to what we were thinking or telling ourselves … if we listen with our ears opened wide to the gems and the dribble we tell ourselves is true, we may experience an instantaneous shift in consciousness.

Truth has a sound that pierces the air. The most profound silence within our soul is the music of love. It is not heard but felt. The only truth which pierces the the air is love.

What we had believed to be infallible, reluctantly goes back to the nothingness from whence it came. A to release of fear, like the gentle touch of your one true love, exposes itself like a star- burst in the middle of our darkest night.

Deviant demons battle their own reflection against the unforgiving light of the the one true good, It is shear horror Shaspeledd dark trembles with upon the the coming of the light.

Words carry tremendous power. They help create our experience. We may feel anguish at not being able to change a situation or alter the path of someone we care about. We are not able change a soul’s journey.

We were born with the exquisite measure of our worth already paid in full. Let’s be born again.

Time is priceless, I hold yours to be just as valuable as I hold mine. I appreciate your input.

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