“Command thyself to be healed, to be loved, to love, to forgive, to be forgiven, command thyself.” A preacher man taught me that last night in a parking lot after the sunset … somewhere near Reseda on Magnolia Avenue in San Fernando Valley. Bingo howled at every passing dog from the rear window of my car. Joel & I ignored him until I finally commanded Bingo to stop that XXXX.

Let me tell you, there is something true and all-powerful in the words of that young man. I listened to him without effort. I knew what he was going to say before he even spoke. I heard it all before. I listened anyway with kindness. He held up a tattered Bible when he wanted to drive home a point.  I always thought I could rewrite that book. I’m certain I could have made it more accessible to youth (I was well on my way.), but I was young, just 14, and my SA sponsor said, “No, what are you, nuts?” It turns out that it was the other way around. It’s always like that, don’t you  agree?  

No, I was not nuts, not then, not ever, if you exclude the characters I have portrayed in my storied career as an illusional master of stealth. I am as sane as you are. He, the sponsor, on the other hand, was crazier than a bed bug and loaded all the time which was JUST NOT FAIR! All sponsors of anything are nuts by nature, or haven’t  you heard?

Although I can often quote the Bible. I have never read it. In case I ever do, don’t spoil the ending for me. Thank you in advance. Now, maybe you do not believe in God. Maybe God doesn’t care. Maybe, just maybe, God doesn’t believe in you. Think about that, why don’t you? Later.

It ‘s not like it makes a difference. How kind are you? Are you making every effort to be a better man or a better woman to our world. Are you a being who, when after you are gone, our planet will lovingly whisper to the western wind racing by, “I am happy they came. I am sad to see them go, but I am glad they stayed as long as they did.”  Now you know why clouds cry. The rains are tears of joy. Hmmm … how kind where you in your life? That will be the only question. That is all that will matter then. It is all that matters now. 

The upshot to this story is:  Trust your instincts & follow your heart. That is where God resides. Maybe you will rewrite the Bible or whatever other scriptures you hold close to your heart & by doing so, change our world for the better … or not … your worth as a living being was measured in full when you were born. Do nothing if that is your desire. That’s what I do. It may be your destiny. I hope it’s mine.


Time is priceless, I hold yours to be just as valuable as I hold mine. I appreciate your input.

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