Written by Scott Utley

While driving to Hollywood looking to score, I was abruptly transfixed by a metaphor on the side of a building near UCLA; a bastion of justice for those who can pay. A mural the color of deep-Memphis blue; the Statue of Liberty crying for you.

I could not believe how I felt at this site. Something inside me said this isn’t right. Our most cherished beliefs are under the gun. Indecent assaults are not that much fun.

Befuddled and dumbstruck by hideous spite, I’m preparing to battle the formidable right.

Half underground, half under sea. Use it or lose it, now what will it be? You want to get married? We’ll just have to see. Fascists are trashing Miss Liberty!

It’s a drag! It’s unfair, but don’t dare show them you care. They now have machines that can tell if you’re gay, but even old queens can join the NR of A. The ACLU and the Sierra Club too, are flexing their might by choosing our fights. I’m just dying to know, who gave them that right?

You can’t pay your bills? Tough if you’re ill! You’re too weak to fight. Let us pray they’re not right! They’ve created a list reeking malice and spite. Spoon fed by the FEDS and the FBI too. Hey Doll, are you ready? They’re coming for you.

Hey, girlfriend! Yo, dude! That’s right, I mean you! Get with the program. Pick up the news. It’s important you know you are totally screwed!

You can’t try that. Put that back! Don’t wear those. Don’t smoke that. Don’t you know? NO! NO! NO! Don’t ask. Don’t tell. Just go to hell! You touch. You pay, or haven’t you learned? It’s the totally new US of A.

Oh, say can you see? Can you hear? Feel the fear? Ha, ha! He, he! Dear lord, is it true? Yes! Fascists are trashing Miss Liberty.

Well, golly, gee whiz, what the hell can you do? You could sit this one out if you think it is best. Head south of the border if you’ve a stomach for mess. Whatever you do, please never forget our brave warriors, our handsome young men; they’re America’s heroes time and again. Don’t you just love our young fighting men?

Some checked out early, sadly some died. Because of their courage, there is no need to hide. We may go to hell but our children will know we tried and we tried. History will show, we’re on the right side.

Time is priceless, I hold yours to be just as valuable as I hold mine. I appreciate your input.

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