I woke up late today in such a ferocious frame of mind, I could have easily ripped to shreds the canvass of the sky, then an hour later I write this. Ma Shivamayi Acharya would understand why but I’m afraid to ask.


“I often quote the Bible, I have never read it. In case I ever do, don’t spoil the ending for me. Thank you in advance. You’re thinking, “How do I quote that which I have never read?” I’ll ignore that question. Instead I say, “I have never use a Biblical quote unless the Koran and the Torah share the identical content. It may shock you to learn that all of our prophets speak the same language. That makes sense. They are brothers and sisters born of the same source. I am convinced each of them breathe one mantra. “All Life Is Sacred.” When devout forget this, there is a disconnect. It has become an out-of-control conundrum. That is why their reincarnations are flooding into our world. 

We are awash with the Indigo children of Indigo parents as well. They hold the vessels of the great source of our belonging’s pure love. Hopefully if one knocks at your door seeking shelter from Helter-Skelter, you open it. Now, maybe you do not believe in God. Maybe God doesn’t care. Maybe, just maybe, God doesn’t believe in you. Think about that, why don’t you? It’s not as if it makes a difference. How kind are you? Are you making every effort to be a better man or a better woman to our world? Are you a being who, when after you are gone, our planet will lovingly whisper to the western winds. “I am happy they came. I’m sad to see them go but I am happy they stayed as long as they did?” 

You once asked the reason.”Momma, why clouds cry?” Now you know. The rains are tears of joy … how kind where you in your life? That will be the only question. That is all that will matter then. It is all that matters now.

The upshot to this story is: Trust your instincts and follow your heart, this where God resides. Maybe you will rewrite the Bible or whatever other scriptures you hold close to your heart and by doing so, change our world for the better … or not … your worth as a living being was measured in full when you were born. You were born without sin. If you don’t believe me, go within and ask Jesus or one of his friends. Do nothing if that is your desire. That’s what I do. It may be your destiny. I hope it’s mine.”