He says he loves Jesus and Jesus loves him. He’s a modern-day prophet forgiving your sins. He’s a radio pirate with a cable show too, a mistress in Paris, an eye out for you.

His brand of religion breeds heartbreak and pain. He’s a born again Christian with something to gain. Deceitfully convincing his flock of salvation, In return he receives a standing ovation.

His glorious sermons preach schemes of division, Exquisitely crafted to prevent any schism. Triumphantly pitting his will against right, He lusts after money & covets your wife.

An unnatural affection for boys under ten, He’s drugged quite a few on his couch in the den. He’s suspicious of women and fearful of men. There’s a gun by his bed marked ‘specially’ for them.

He’s a beast. He’s a monster. It’s sad but it’s true. His secret agenda keeps Jesus from you. He’s afraid you’ll rise up if you find out the truth, Afraid you’ll tip off your wife & your youth.

He’s a huckster, a shyster, and the devil disguised. He’s a freak who insists only his god is wise. This prince of invective is consumed with desire. While preaching forgiveness he’s stoking his fire.



Time is priceless, I hold yours to be just as valuable as I hold mine. I appreciate your input.

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