From this primordial caldron, sulfur and nitrogen compounds fume, ghost-like, into the ether. Here is where stars are born and here is where they die. Here, a lizard is apt to check you out up & down as fast as a rattlesnake can rattle. Here is where the trickster Coyote crosses my path. No matter how congested Los Angeles becomes the Coyote finds me. Just yesterday about nine in the morning, as I was passing Benedict Canyon in my car, an unusually large doe gallops into my peripheral vision. She charges head-on for my car’s front bumper. Two seconds before impact she freezes then cocks her head from side to side gazing at me with an unmistakable attitude; her’s is a mischievous sense of humor. She is smug with her mockery of me. We both laugh. Later in the day, a butterfly of uncommon earthly hues glides into my garden circling twice before resting upon Alex’s head. I tip my gaze skyward just in time to catch two pin-sized ruby-throated hummingbirds hover above them for just a moment before they return to their frenetic game of tag. I am witnessing a wondrous still-life in motion. I rake the driveway free of the purple jacaranda blooms while the cat purrs upturned, side to side with my dogs; all three innocents hypnotized by the spring sun. Finally, just as I think I’ve seen it all for one day a hawk comes charging from the heavens into the avocado tree & lunges at a flock of doves cooing blissfully out on a limb. Feathers come raining down upon our heads. The hawk seems stunned as it dawns upon her, all the doves have gotten away.

Time is priceless, I hold yours to be just as valuable as I hold mine. I appreciate your input.

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