I was born of vapor rising from the hairline cracks of skyscrapers. I could fly before I could run. I could run before I could walk. I’ve seen the world in flames. I’ve heard my mother sobbing. I know your pain because I am an old man dying. I am the wind that churns. I am a young bird weeping. I am the center of the hawk’s red-eye. Is it any wonder I cry so hard? Is it any wonder I laugh so loud? I am a towering tree. I’m a shooting star. I am the ocean I swim in, the mountains I climb, the lovers I’ve known, the light & the dark & the children at play. I am a song of souls singing this song called life. Is it any wonder? Life has always been perfect from the start. We’ve always known how to sing, yet we simply forgot the song until now. You see, you are an old woman speaking her wisdom to the universe. You are a young bird singing. You are its mother laughing all the way, every single day. Is it any wonder?

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  1. NUCLEARMIND says:

    gfjministry Thank you somuch. You move so fast it is uncanny. It is as is you ride a special wind that covers the globe within a fraction of a fraction. Wow!


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