We are odd creatures, aren’t we? With the same information, we come to absolute opposite conclusions. For instance, there are people who think these four women below in the news clip inserted, are the lunatic. idiotic, anti-American fringe, while there are those who believe that without these women, our planet, forget about our nation’s laws (which Trump, The Supreme Court, as well as most of the USA congress, have been deconstructing faster than a whore high on crack, which they probably are, (it being paid for with our tax dollars … the whores don’t come cheap either), but I digress. My point? It’s on my head. My purpose? It’s shrouded in the silliness of profoundly sincere holy-intent. We shall prevail but not if we are not behaving like one, one ~ as we are naturally by our spiritual nature ~ one mind, one will, one creator, no hater, no punishment, no judging, just loving. We shall prevail. Where is that tedious faith you proclaim to have with your bullhorn in good times? The war on Islam, which the Crusaders haven’t stop fighting has brought me to look harder at Islam, the Koran as well, and of course, the Prophet Muhammad (May peace be upon him), and I know now that which I just believed: All the Prophets are sisters and brothers and all together we are spiritual lovers. Scott Utley July 14, 2019 LA CA USA.



Time is priceless, I hold yours to be just as valuable as I hold mine. I appreciate your input.

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