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My prophet rises from snow white sands. He is cut & bruised with bloody hands. His metamorphosis is marked by purple flowering feathered wings immaculately conceived. He reaches into the eye of the sky & fondles memories from before my time, back when this river flowed with twice its heart & the sky more volatile with twice its strike. When this desert land was twice as young, He walked along these very skies now dusked across my mind like a churning holy electrical explosion.

My prophet rises from the deep blue sea with gaping wounds for all to see. His metamorphosis is marked by the inhalation of deep & conscious breath. His yellow diamonds are draped upon his brawny chest strung side by side with cosmic thread. He is future, present & the past. He’s courage fed by fathers brave & mothers strong. They’ve taught him well, both right & wrong. This world unceasingly expands its view. With opened eyes & a child’s pride, He is my harness. I love this ride.

My Prophet rises. I am He. I’ve wept in pain but now I’m free. Upon this sand my heart is burned. There is so much I have to learn. My metamorphosis is marked by the song of my soul echoing through the cathedral of my mind. I know I am more than looks perceive. My well is full. I have no greed. Christ is here & surely bleeds. He is my lover. I am He.



Nena ~ 99 Luftballons ~ I do nothing. Alesha Dixon – The Boy Does Nothing.

If you train your binoculars on the stable area of Chump Trump’s MAR-A-LARGO WHITE WHORE HOUSE in TAMPEX, FLA., you cannot actually see Russia but you can always see VLAD DADDY PUTIN naked having sexual relations with an old cow, or is that a giant pig? It is hard is all I can say.

putin sex

Hey there, y’all. I have been very engrossed in projects which are fulfilling but most of the time I’d rather just hang out and stare at the sky or hang out and watch old reruns of Perry Mason; things that abide and hold true immortal meaning, including the Morticia Addams Family series, The Munsters and All In The Family. (and anything I appeared in, particularly my proudest achievement as THE PATIENT in GENERAL HOSPITAL) I’d rather not do anything but that which I want to do, which is nothing. So that’s exactly what I do. I do a lot of that. As far as I am concerned, I’ve done my time on Planet Prison Earth and I want nothing more to do with the USSR of A Police State and all who have anything to do with such a colossal failure. It makes me sick to my stomach. I resent and regret my family’s and my immense contributions to a nation of dunces. On the bright side, I’ve saved a fortune on my car insurance. Having said that, and that being said, may I say, may I ask one more thing? Has has he jumped yet?



THIS JUST IN: I have made a few decisions which are intractable. Without any doubt whatsoever, and my *[so-called] delusional episodes of hallucinatory flights of schizophrenic para-normal psychosis set aside for the moment, we remember that what I say is crucial not because my surname is UTLEY (the revered first family of humanity), but because my first-born, my son, calls himself Jesus of the Levant. His sisters & brothers are {REDACTED} Now, how do you like that?
When I was still in the primitive human form, there was a woman who lived in an old cottage across from my apartment at Harper and De Longpre Avenues off the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood. She was evicted, taunted, demonized, psychologically raped & brutalised by the *WEST HOLLYWOOD CITY COUNCIL along with their XXXX buddies, **building developers in favor of yet another snooty, stuck up, LA DEE DA, tickey-tackey condo nest.
BEWARE THE IDES OF MARCH & CNN: This cuckoo nest is not what its looks like, winged bronze angel at entrance notwithstanding. It is now stands sentinel over more ashes in urns, more graves than you can imagine. They were placed there by me and my friends during those first 17 most horrendous years of the USA CREATED AIDS GENOCIDE. Think upon this a moment.
Under each and every tree in that cross-section of the two streets mentioned above, are the remains of some of our friends. These beautiful, young and talented people were just the people who actually lived right at that section of West Hollywood; seven people of whom lived in at my (1327 North Harper Avenue # 2) six unit apartment building alone, which was also 8200 De Longpre Avenue. Think about that a moment, why don’t you?
They are not forgotten. I could roll off names right now if I wished to. Harper & De Longpre is certainly some sort of treasured national shrine but I wager the city council would even give a fuck (they must know by now), so to hell with them
That corner is famous for the celebrities who lived there from the nineteen twenties to this day. I recall … there was a woman I do not believe people think about today or know about at all. This woman had a national commercial campaign running non-stop for what seemed like eternity. Her tagline was, *** “It’s not nice to fool mother nature.”
What I am trying to convey to you is: I do not support Israel, the Palestinians, the (USSR of A) USA, all fundamentalists of every stripe and color, particularly a freaky, ass-backwards coup d’état currently holding court in the USSR OF A’S DC WHITE WHORE HOUSE which, for your information, smells so bad, I can smell it nearly 3000 miles away (approximately 4828.032 in your language), on the USSR OF A’s west coast in California.
Imagine if you will, decaying corpse of skunk, defecating hippos consorting with pygmy giraffes at the London Zoo in the middle of a very warm day in May along with formaldehyde and sulphur mixed in a bottle of Pepsi (It’s the real thing), Dr Pepper (Be a pepper) and boiled fresh tongue of mad-ox and brain… now mixed it all together with any words coming from anyone involved with the Dumb Trump Crusade for Stupidity & The American Way, and wallah!, that is what the above mentioned entities smell like. PUTIN and North Korea’s SIC YOUNG MOON ASS-FACE smell even worse… yes, even worse than Saudi Arabia & Assad of Soviet Syria combined. Have a nice xxxxing day. And remember: Straight Men Are People too.


If you’re mystic, come this way & play for me. 

Tune your strings sharp & clear 

with all the pressure I can bare. 

If you’re mystic, stroke my hair & kiss my lips. 

Take me to your mother ship. 

Rifle me with your tough grip. 

Anchor me to your bright blue. 

Show  myself to me through you. 

Your platinum strings are clear & true. 

Play your harp, this is your cue. 

I know you’re mystic, I am too.

Say the word & I’ll play for you.

harps ff



This clip is truly iconic Americana. From the ‘rousing’ of the boys & a nation, to the private sitting between George M. Cohan & President F D Roosevelt, we are given a glimpse into how a great nation truly behaves. If we were to ever let go of the potential of our deep humanity, it would be a great loss, so this shall never happen. When I fall, I get up and keep going, over and over and over and over …. don’t stop believing.




This incredible Face Book journey has been more of a virtual diary for all of us than anything else. In the grand scheme of things, the future, and there will be a future, will look upon us as trailblazers who either lived up to the promise of our great humanity or did not. Thus far, we are utter failures. We have learned a great deal but we have yet to open our eyes wide and apply the truths we know in our heart are there and must see their light shine or wither away. If you believe you of your own self can do nothing, or if you lack empathy, compassion, or if you are silent in the face of brutality then you will suffer that fate yourself. This is the truth of the world and is proven over and over again, To allow your government to indiscriminately kill babies and others with or without impunity is a slap to the face of god. Is that going to be your legacy?

Our counter intuitive support of rogue nations who are wrapped in the cloak of an absurd righteousness, or just happen to be in the spot on the beach you like the best, is bullshit and evil, if there is such a thing as evil… you are it. You allow your government to support and prop up other nations who are committing crimes against humanity just as they declared they were the objects of. Will they, will you ever learn your lessons? You say never again and then do it again. Time is running out.

That is just not right. The odious, Dantesque penchant currently the rage, the marginalization of immigrants, the demonization of the Muslim faith and it’s adherents tells the universe you really are in deep trouble. Not because you are as ignorant as any of your predecessors (for which there is no defense nor escape from the price you will most assuredly pay), but because nobody anywhere gets away with anything despite what geniuses say about that issue or any other where you simply defame your creator’s intention; the glorification of the goodness of being. THIS MUST CEASE. If it does not, we cease. Is that your legacy? I do not believe so. I remember: SILENCE EQUALS DEATH. SILENCE=DEATH. If you understand only one thing in your brief, fleeting, so very eternal life, understand this: ALL LIFE IS SACRED.

aids fd