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The photos above represent art, places, people, animals & events that have meaning to me. I have either known the people you see or I have worked with them. There are others still such as Albert Einstein, Louis Vuitton, Niccolo Machiavelli & King Henry VIII, among others, who have had profound influence upon my life. This is the reason they are here. The locations you may note are places I have lived, visited or have been incarcerated at. There are nations represented here that do not have an extradition treaty with the USA. 

BIO-HAZARD: I am a reclusive, private & somewhat odd middle-aging guy living in the most densely populated ghetto of Los Angeles. I am single, 5.11, 180 pounds, brown, green, so on, so on & so forth. I enjoy strolling the moon lit beach & walking in the rain, etc. I will consider any offer for companionship no matter how shallow or nefarious your intentions may be. I accept that the less depth & the most ill will you can muster is all I can possibly hope for. I raise a perpetually flowering garden as well as several dogs & my familiar (as in Hamlet), named Blackie the Cat. I have a pedigree in fine arts. I mope a lot. I whine. I am obnoxious.
I write because it keeps me from acting out. I am basically a juvenile delinquent who  will never grow up. On the other hand, I am a fine, funny & passionate compassionate soul with great insight into the language of pain & joy. I am very humble at times (rarely) but usually I am conceited & arrogant. I tell everybody my IQ is 183  but it’s actually only 172 (as if that even mattered), so I suppose I lie too. I am a boastful & cocky guy who says he doesn’t care but he may be insecure instead. In conclusion, I am trouble. Your mother & father would be very concerned if you brought me to dinner unless they are psychiatrists. Their curiosity about mental health might trump their fear.


This film trailer below is kinda cool. David Carradine was a trip.
I’m the guy with the head band & peace sign on my bicep. 
I am a graduate of the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco under the direction of BILL BALL. I am a graduate of the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York City under the direction of SANFORD MEISNER. I studied with STELLA ADLER in Los Angeles at Theater Vanguard in West Hollywood on Melrose Avenue. I studied Shakespeare with the director and scholar LEE SHALLET at South Coast Repertory in Costa Mesa. I was mentored by SANDY DENNIS at Herbert Berghof Studios (HB Studios) in New York City. I have performed in over fifty equity or equity waiver staged productions including the role of Max in the US West Coast Premiere of Bent by Martin Sherman directed by David Marshal Grant at the Coast Playhouse in West Hollywood, the Man in Woman Behind Bars by Tom Eyen directed by RON LINK at the Alcazar Theater in San Francisco, Nugget in Equus at The Old Globe Theater in San Diego and the Laguna Moulton Playhouse in Laguna Beach, Darkhorse in Cyberqueer by Tom Jacobson directed by Mark Bringleson at Robert Schrock’s Celebration Theater in Hollywood in both the 1996 & 1998 productions. I have appeared on TV in over four dozen productions in various formats and several films.



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