If you’re mystic, come this way & play for me.
Tune your strings sharp & clear with all the  pressure I can bare.
If you’re mystic, stroke my hair & kiss my lips.
Take me to your mother ship. Rifle me with your tough grip.
Anchor me to your bright blue then show myself to me through you.
Your platinum strings are clear & true. Please play your harp. This is your cue.
I know you’re mystic. I am too. Let me play my harp for you.

sco kyf u tufy olyg


I walk briskly at first
Shuffling sacred boulders between each foot
I teeter at the edge of humanity
I hover over the lips of this cup
Brimming over with exquisite insanity
This wonderful world;
A miraculous mathematical equation
All the earth’s treasures scattered before me
I skirt the precipice of this crater
We call the ring of fire
I jump high & rise I sail I soar
Up and over the Bering strait
South west down into the east
Down under and up and over again
Jump I jump a high dive
I skydive into the heart of this world
I am a skimming stone on a great pond we call
The ring of fire


There is no way you can avoid this moon tonight.
Do you hear me?
There is no way you can avoid this moon tonight.
At this moment
It is framed by my giant regal avocado tree in bloom.
There is the face of Buddha in it.
That is very clear.
Or should I say, ‘He is very clear?”
There is a nucleus spinning rapidly.
There are lotus flowers morphing and diamonds too.
They are in the mix.
Another face but it is not human.
There is a new moon full tonight.
It is not like any moon ever before.

this moon


i was there at the beginning … i’m nobody special … just a witness  … i met you before you were born  … you were not much older then than you are now … i was your age then … but you died … you were one of the first to leave … the whole world grieved … mostly for us … what would become of us …. with you no longer here … we took solace wherever we could & any way we could without care or thought for we believed then that there would be no future without you … worth living …

Atli Freyr Arnarson by Scott Uley May 2016

we were stranded on this island … without you  … we lost ourselves inside ourselves … everyone drowned in tears of sorrow …. that was then … this is now … i ‘m just a witness called forth to say … you …  who illuminates the entire cosmos  … you illuminate also our hearts so with or without you …. we shine … so bright … see us  … feel us … we rise … a standing ovation to you … on this most miraculous of days in the most miraculous of ways we rise and shine and shine and  … shine … 
you, who are the source of all power, whose rays illuminate the entire universe, illuminate also our hearts so that we too can do you work … and so it is … and so it is … so it is … 

If I could face them
If I could make amends
With all my shadows
I’d bow my head
And welcome them
But I feel it burning
Like when the winter wind
Stops my breathing
Are you really going to love me
When I’m gone
I fear you won’t
I fear you don’t
And it echoes when I breathe
‘Till all you’ll see
Is my ghost
Empty vessel, crooked teeth
Wish you could see
And they call me under
And I’m shaking like a leaf
And they call me under
And I wither underneath
In this storm
I am a stranger
I am an alien
Inside a structure
Are you really going to love me
When I’m gone
With all my thoughts
And all my faults
I feel it biting
I feel it break my skin
So uninviting
Are you really going to need me
When I’m gone
I fear you won’t
I fear you don’t
And it echoes when I breathe
‘Till all you see is my ghost
Empty vessel, crooked teeth
Wish you could see
And they call me under
And I’m shaking like a leaf
And they call me under
And I wither underneath
In this storm
I feel it
And they call me under
And I’m shaking like a leaf
And they call me underneath
To this storm
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For non-commercial use only.
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I am Jewish by proxy. I am a Christian because I know Jesus. He knows me. I am most definitely Muslim. The only religious instruction I received as a boy was meeting up with my best pal Darius whose mother was a slight Irish-American woman who married a tall, beautiful man from Persia or Iran as that land is now called. He was never in the picture. I think I am certain I met him only once and then I never met him again.

I suppose I will never know the entire story of what was obviously an ironic & paradoxical match, much like the match between a poor deep south Delta Mississippi orphaned man and a woman born and bred in Hell’s kitchen, NYC. Such were my parents. That man too, I hardly knew at all. I am thankful that my mother had the balls to leave him when she did. I was only five and my baby sister was two. But my older brothers, three of them, now all gone from this earth and my eldest sister, who was also in that first wave of children, suffered immense pain because a soldier who wields a rifle for his country from WW II to Vietnam with great honor does not necessarily make a good father. Be armed and forewarned.

Darius went to Muslim school. That is what he called it. I would follow him from time to time and he would relate to me some of what he had learned. It was very much like pulling teeth but I was a trooper who never gave up much as I am today. I learned about the poetry of the KORAN. I learned that Muhammad was a friend of Jesus and they in turn shared their friends with each other and all the world just because that’s the kind of sons they are.

In my early years as an emancipated minor I studied & graduated from Laguna Beach High School. There was a professor there who taught us who was a Rabbi. From him I learned that every land has its own wisdom.

Buddha is a great friend of mine. He is always smiling whether it rains tears of blood or the sky goes on in a cobalt blue hue forever and ever. I dress him up sometimes in drag. I snap photos of my mad creations then I make digital art out of them. He doesn’t mind at all. He is happy to be of service regardless my whimsy.

I know another god who lives secretly out in the open. This one is everywhere and in everything. I can’t say enough about how beautiful this god is … who can be still and not marvel in wonder?

I wish for you to understand that there is nothing that separates us from each other but illusion. I wish for you to know that all life is sacred. There is much that cannot be explained in our language but that is not a prerequisite to entering the door of our birthright. The sages say that birthright is to know joy forever. 

We may face trials that will truly push us to our limits and sometimes over the rainbow and into a void of nothingness, but in a strange yet wonderful land called truth & faith & love there is a place at the table for you & me. There is no division. There are no arguments at all. There is only a sense of pure joy. That you know this to be true is my wish for you.

burn xxxx







I am only human. My voice is powerful so I never shout. We share many of the same thoughts. We come from the same womb. The source of all our inspiration never cries but laughs a lot.
If you abort a child whose heart has begun to beat then that is murder. If you have not, do not worry or force your views for The Great Source of Our Belonging will see to a loving rectification. If you have then remember this: I have seen the light of forgiveness in the eyes of eternity & your story must be told. Your wisdom must find its home so speak your longing.
The Bible has sharp & angry claws yet still great & wonderful truths are alive & found everywhere across its pages. Stay aware of deception concealed with stunning craft. There are lies stitched into the timeless fabric of my clarion call to salvation. They are scattered seemingly without rhyme or reason by infiltrated wicked minds who hate love. There is nothing random or unintentional about these untruths. Do not allow the haters of this world to keep you from me.
Judas is my brother. He loves me very much as I do him. That Judas was a traitor is just one of many deceptions. In truth, he gave the ultimate sacrifice for me. Without him, our Father’s plan could have never come to be. Love Judas as you do me. Sift through the holy pages of The Word. Discard that which your heart says is untrue. I say, ‘listen to your heart’ for it is there I dwell forever. Everything I am is within you. Go there now. Ask if these words I speak are true or not. Feel if what I tell you resonates with the piercing sound of truth. Either way I am the light & I am the way.
Do not take it upon yourself to sit in judgment of your fellow man. A man takes the life of one man & then you punish him by taking his life. Who will punish you for that very same offense? Compassion makes me happy. Forgiveness gets me high.
Be happy. It is your birthright to know joy forever. When pain comes & come it shall, embrace it rather than run away. You will never be able to hide. So sharpen your courage.  Kiss the ground you walk on. Take the path your heart desires. Be kind & love life. This is my devout wish & hope & plan for you.
He smiled a smile of ecstasy as he turned towards the rose dusked sky & slowly walked away.



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